The Role of Social Media in Fostering Opportunities for Youth during Crisis

By Amboh Vennessa Nche Cohort 7#AFFCameroon Introduction The English speaking regions of Cameroon have experienced various ordeals since October 2016, when protests and strikes related to sectorial demands escalated into a crisis over the economic and political marginalization of the Cameroon Anglophone minority who mostly reside in the North West and South West Regions.  Since […]

Social Media as Catalyst of Youths Civic Engagement in the Northwest Region

By Ngong Jude As times change, so are the youths’ reasoning and their use of social media. It’s been over five years since the Anglophone crisis broke out, and a comparative analysis of the youths’ use of the new media during that period and now is different. Young people are more conscious of their rights […]

The influence of social media Hash tags (#tags) on public policies and stakeholders’ decisions in Cameroon, with key interest on the Anglophone crisis

By Edwin Ajimsimbom Introduction  For close to 6 years now, Cameroon’s two English speaking regions have been plagued by an ongoing sociopolitical Crisis that has resulted in several acts of violence      The course of this crisis has prompted a wide range of activism and advocacy in Cameroon. Both activists and advocates leverage social […]

Beware: The North West region has not been hit by a cattle epidemic

A message that has gone viral on whatsApp and Facebook since Friday July 8, 2022 has been announcing the outbreak of a cattle epidemic that has hit the North West region of Cameroon. After verification, the information turns out to be false and manipulative.  A few days ago members of the WhatsApp group “Journalist of […]